What is Smoke Dogg?

Smoke Dogg was founded by a Jersey born, Florida A&M Ratter, who eventually transplanted to Atlanta.  Steve had the idea for his company after spending time with his dad, sons and friends smoking cigars and playing golf!   Having attempts at other businesses, he decided to go by the saying " if you do something you love you never work a day in your life" and so Smoke Dogg was started.    

Smoke Dogg is a lifestyle brand for Cigar Smokers that DO NOT smoke a specific, brand, wrapper, home of origin, even size of cigar.  The Smoke Dogg's Allegiance is to the never-ending quest for the best cigar that suits their mood, occasion, location and more  importantly the company they are in.  

A Smoke Dogg may have a go to Cigar that suits all occasions, but monogamy is never a thought!   The Smoke Dogg is always on the hunt for new cigar experiences, and education about the culture.  

From the ash of cigars, come countless memories of celebrations, travels, golf games, conquests, great conversations, and the prospect of things to come! This is the life of a Smoke Dogg, and with that premise the Loyal To Ash Cigar Subscription was created. The subscription also plays a role in giving back by focusing on Black Owned and Women Owned brands once a month!

LOYAL TO ASH is the tag line and motto of a Smoke Dogg - Join us!